I have been a client of Winter’s over a year and a half; let’s just say, I put her through almost every possible scenario for a child support and visitation agreement case. Every step that we took through the whole process, Winter was always professional and on point to what direction we needed to go. Winter always emailed me or called to let me know what she was thinking and vice versa. I would call her office with questions or just with a problem in general, she was always thinking one step ahead of me or I would be able to talk to her paralegal in her office and he would always calm me down and help me think the whole situation through before I making a mistake. Throughout the whole year and a half, if Winter wasn’t sure about some crazy wrench we were thrown, she would research it and let me know. I could not ask for a better attorney throughout my whole case. Winter kept me grounded and level headed to make sure I tried to make the best decision possible for my child and their well-being. Winter was always prepared and was ready to play hard ball, if need be. I am thankful that she was on my side and ensured I was happy with and content with everything we agreed upon in my case. I would be proud to refer my family, friends, and even to some on social media to her, and I am sure they would be just as happy with their end result as I was."