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Client Testimonials

BS says:

First off I would like to start by saying “THANK YOU” to Winter and her team. They not only took good care of my family and I but they also accomplished what 2 other lawyers could not do. From day one she listened and gave 110% to our case. If you are looking for a fair, honest and hardworking Lawyer save yourself time and money and hire Winter and her team."

EL says:

The Campanella Law Firm has represented our family for 6 years.  Part  of that  6 years Winter represented us in a long court situation.  During that time it was very  evident that Winter knows and respects the legal system. Winter  is very professional  and knows how to handle whatever  situation  comes up. Winters integrity reaches far beyond  the court  room." 

HA says:

At Campanella she fight for u your just not a nother check in the bank they talk to u n fight for u wouldn't go to a different lawyer after having winter on my side!!!!!!!!!"

HB says:

I have been a client of the Campanella Law Firm since the spring of 2014. I was going through the hardest time in my life. Winter represented me in my divorce. She was there for me as I went through the stages of grief, and always supported me with her knowledge and expertise. With her faith and guidance, I was able to cope with the situation at hand, and eventually persevere.  I cannot praise Winter and her staff enough for everything they have done for me and I would absolutely recommend this firm to anyone seeking counsel. I consider Winter not only as my attorney, but also my friend."

JJ says:

We chose Winter Campanella to represent us because she came highly recommended by a friend of ours. It is wonderful to have such a personable and organized attorney right here in Carterville. Winter and her team remained in close contact with us throughout each phase of our case and explained any questions that arose. We were pleased with the personal attention she gave to our case. Should we ever need an attorney in the future, we would be sure to utilize her services again. I would recommend her without hesitation to any of our family and friends."

JS says:

Going through a divorce can be a terrible experience in life, however, Winter helped keep be grounded and level headed about my issues and concerns regarding my case.  She did an excellent job at easing my nerves and concerns about this, and always had my best interest at hand.  She fought for me and my rights along with what was best for my children.  I would recommend her services to anyone."

NS says:

I have been a client of Winter’s over a year and a half; let’s just say, I put her through almost every possible scenario for a child support and visitation agreement case. Every step that we took through the whole process, Winter was always professional and on point to what direction we needed to go. Winter always emailed me or called to let me know what she was thinking and vice versa. I would call her office with questions or just with a problem in general, she was always thinking one step ahead of me or I would be able to talk to her paralegal in her office and he would always calm me down and help me think the whole situation through before I making a mistake. Throughout the whole year and a half, if Winter wasn’t sure about some crazy wrench we were thrown, she would research it and let me know. I could not ask for a better attorney throughout my whole case. Winter kept me grounded and level headed to make sure I tried to make the best decision possible for my child and their well-being. Winter was always prepared and was ready to play hard ball, if need be. I am thankful that she was on my side and ensured I was happy with and content with everything we agreed upon in my case. I would be proud to refer my family, friends, and even to some on social media to her, and I am sure they would be just as happy with their end result as I was."